Camboro Veterinary Hospital's Official Mascot


It is with great sadness and heaviness of heart, that we of Camboro mourn the passing of our dear friend and beloved hospital mascot Al.

Al sucummbed to his disease and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the presence of his mom Vera and his best family and friends at Camboro on Saturday January 25, 2014. At the age of 12. He went very peaceful, He was happy to the last.

It was an honor to know him and we are all better for the experience. -Mark G. Saloff

Al was a bubbly, bouncy, joyful dog always full of wags and kisses for all. Al was a shelter dog and found a forever home and lots of love with his mom. Vera you are the best dog mom any dog could ever wish for!!!!

We know that Al is now running and playing with all the dogs and cats that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

God bless you Al we will all miss you, and keep you in our hearts. Someday we will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge.

Missed By All, But Never Forgotten


Say Hi to Camboro's very own Al!


The full Camboro staff, plus Al


Al and Camboro's Carole


Numbing and cleaning of the surgery site, then catheter / needle placement chest and abdomen.


Dr. Grimshawe and Mark Saloff begin to "tap" "Al's" chest and abdomen.


"Al" still as happy and bouncy as always, brings smiles to our faces each visit.


4000 ML of fluid removed from "Al" on a regular basis.