Looking For a Great Vet in Edinboro?

You have enjoyed them in your local newspaper. Now Dr. Rummel's award winning educational articles are available to download for your enjoyment!

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The Articles

Capping It Off
Give a Lick Atopy
Get Your Pets Ticked Off
Pain Police
A Hard Diagnosis- Feline Heartworm
A Helping PAAWE
Albion News- Getting a Dog
And to All a Good Night
Cajean Memorial
Mom Knows Best Diode Laser Indications
Sneezing for 6
Holiday Help for Pets
Comet and Heartworm disease
Confessions and Resolutions
Dogs Days of Summer
Don't Be a Turkey
Feline Leukemia Virus
Getting It Right about parasites
Ghoulish Gifts from our Pets - Zoonosis
Happy Birthday Winner
Hypothyroidism Jeopardy
I Got a New Puppy
Illegal Aliens
Keystone Veterinary Conference in Hershey Pennsylvania
Laser Therapy
Manipulating Fido
Summer Tips
On Vacation
Photodynamic Therapy
Preventing Bites
Sneezing Cats
So Long Dolly
Spring Cleanup Poo Patrol
Spring has Sprung
Spring Cleaning
Step by Step
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
To Grieve or Not to Grieve
Top Ten Holiday Health Hazards
Top Ten Holiday Hazards II
Top Ten Holiday Hazards III
Training Part II
Travel Tips
Winner III - Vet Visit
Winner IV Dental
Winter Blues