The Camboro Veterinary Hospital Story

The Camboro Veterinary Hospital story

The Front Porch Veterinary Hospital

Camboro Veterinary Hospital started September 15, 1952 on the front porch of Dr Ray and Charlotte Birchard's house. Since there was nowhere else to examine small animals, Dr. Birchard used the front porch of his house on High Street in Edinboro next to the Methodist's Church's driveway. Dr. Birchard's main business was large animal surgery and medicine and as Camboro grew, his garage was converted into his hospital!

The Unique Name

The Camboro Veterinary Hospital story

Then in 1959 Camboro Veterinary Hospital moved to Route 99 just south of town.  Dr Birchard and his wife's family lived in part of the upstairs and the examination room and waiting room filled the rest. Surgery and kennels were downstairs. Soon the practice and family outgrew the facility and the Birchards moved to a "regular" home, without the animals! The living quarters became the Animal Care Taker's apartment. In 1979 a fifth veterinarian was hired and the entire house was converted into a  hospital facility.

Over the years slowly but gradually the number of livestock and dairy farms decreased and the numbers and medical technology available for small animals increased.  The new cutting edge Camboro Veterinary Hospital was built to incorporate the changes in veterinary medicine and opened its doors on May 28, 1998. At that time Camboro was working with the Erie Zoo with their large exotics, doing equine artificial insemination, all types of large animal general practice as well as small animals.

We became the first veterinary hospital in the state Pennsylvania to purchase a Carbon Dioxide Laser for soft tissue surgery. Our commitment to cutting edge technologies has not changed.

As the face of agriculture changed and the family pet became more "family" than pet Camboro refocused its direction toward small animal, exotic and pocket pets and cutting edge technology and in October 2001 our practice became solely small animal oriented.  Since then our doctors have focused on their areas of special interest which includes orthopedic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, dentistry including restorative procedures, dermatology including allergy testing, reproduction, flexible fiber optic diagnostics, rigid fiber optics, digital radiology, internal medicine, behavioral services, small and exotic general soft tissue surgery and now adipose stem cell regenerative medicine.